ISSA Exclusive Interview with Paul Marston

It’s only when something like a pandemic occurs that we realise how much we love our football clubs, whether we are talking about Liverpool or Walsall, Burnley or Barrow.

During the lockdown football writers have had to dig into the history books for something to write and even England’s 1966 World Cup triumph over Germany filled our TV screens at the weekend.

A depressing time, but what a relief it has been to read some of the positive comments from the Saddlers’ chairman, Leigh Pomlett, who could hardly have envisaged such a crisis when he took over the club and gave us all new hope. He has expressed his determination to ensure Walsall FC survives – no doom and gloom from Bescot – and he must have been encouraged to see confirmation of how enthusiastic the club’s supporters are.

The Independent Saddlers Supporters Association attracted  nationwide acclaim for their brilliant efforts providing free meals for the town’s heroic health workers, and they will continue to give Mr Pomlett and his fellows directions huge backing in the tough times ahead, I’m sure of that.

It’s no surprise to me that the ISSA have now raised over £5,000 to pay for special art work at the refurbished Bescot Bar, paying tribute to legendary players from the Fellows Park and Bescot days, and another project in the pipeline is purchasing a mini bus for use by the Saddlers. Great stuff.