Committee Meeting Minutes – August 2020

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association – Committee Meeting

The Railway Club, Walsall. Sunday August 16th 2020

Present – D. Beckett ( Chairperson), S. Shaw (Vice Chairperson), D. Joesbury (Disability Officer), D. Bromley ( Treasurer), S. Bromley (Constitution Officer), C. Plant (Fan Liaison Officer), J. Sargent (Membership Secretary/Travel & Events Coordinator), M. Cassell (Secretary)

Apologies – T. Cockayne ( Fan Liaison Officer), I. Buckingham (Compliance Officer), J. Keen (Travel & Events Coordinator).

Meeting commenced 12.05 pm

1. Donations since last committee meeting on 23rd February 2020.

Adventure Land £100 To help buy equipment for children with special educational needs.

Lane Head Jaguars kit sponsorship – £399 Sponsorship of under 14s football team Lane Head Jaguars away kit.

Little Aces – £1000 – Sponsorship of Little Aces, part of the Ace Academy.

Drumchapel Amateurs – £200 – Link with Scottish amateur football club Drumchapel Amateurs Football Club. £200 donation towards their fundraising to help NHS Workers.

NHS Fund £5100 – To provide free meals for NHS workers during the pandemic.

Walsall Outreach Centre – £500 – To offer support for homeless and vulnerable people in Walsall.

Manager and Player Sponsorship – £1020

Sponsorship of Manager Darrell Clarke, and young prospect Sam Perry

Beechdale Appeal – £200

– Support for residents of the OAP flats that were flooded in Beechdale.

Bescot Bar – £5100

– For the legends wall artwork vinyl wrap in the Bescot Bar.

Forest Star (Chris Nicholl Foundation) – £900

The launch of the Chris Nicholl foundation for the development of young players.

Walsall F.C Youth Academy – £500 – To buy equipment for the youth development team. Walsall F.C Ladies – £500 – To help with running costs involved with running Walsall F.C Ladies team.

The Railway Club – 3 Football kits and 6 match balls donated to the Railway Club Football Team.

Total Donations – £15,519

2. Meeting Regarding Online Shop – Dave Beckett confirmed that himself and Colin Plant had attended a meeting with Alex Smith (Head of Commercial & Retail) and Graham Whittaker (Supporter Liaison Officer) at Walsall Football Club, regarding the ISSA online shop.

It was confirmed the club only have image rights for the current crest. It was said ISSA may be able to use the crest in some instances, but would need permission first.

An explanation regarding the poppy badge was requested,with it being stated the club could not be seen to support political causes. An explanation was given by D. Beckett and C. Plant, that this was never the intention. The club said that they could see how it could possibly be deemed as controversial depending on your view point, and also accepted that complaints that had been made could perceived as malicious.

They accepted the reasons and motive behind ISSA producing the badge.

A range of ISSA merchandise was taken to the meeting. They congratulated ISSA on the design and quality of the items, and gave thanks for money being set aside from various initiatives being sent to the club from our merchandise sales.

It was agreed by all parties that moving forwards a disclaimer to say our merchandise isn’t official Walsall Football Club merchandise should be used.

The meeting was reported as a positive one by D. Beckett and C. Plant, with possible joint ventures with the club in the future.

3. Possible take over of the Trust – It was unanimously decided that ISSA would write a letter to Leigh Pomlett, requesting that ISSA be recognised as the number one supporters group associated with the club. It was also decided unanimously that ISSA will put in a formal request to the Walsall Football Supporters Trust to take over their obligation.

4. Treasurers Report D. Bromley reported that finances were in a very healthy state.

5. Online Shop – Various new items were discussed for the online shop, including Christmas items. Details to be released to fans in due course. It was confirmed that there will be both Red (Home) Blue (Away) Kits based on the 1983/84 kit released.

6. Working Taskforce – D. Beckett reported that Walsall Football Club had sent their thanks for the working taskforce ISSA had put together to help with jobs at the ground. Saying it had been a really big help to the club.

7. Mini Bus – Issa aim to provide Walsall Football Club with a minibus on a 3 year lease, in conjunction with our members and commercial partners. It’s main use will be for the use of our youth team. The cost will be approximately £15000. As and when Covid-19 regulations allow, there will be a series of events, including an All Stars football match at the Railway Club,Walsall. A number of big name ex players have already committed to this event, with the money going to the minibus project. It was confirmed we have already started working towards this goal, with money set aside towards the total required.

8. Other Business – Next committee meeting scheduled for Sunday 1st November 2020. Meeting Closed 2.10pm.