Chris Nicholl – Care Update

Many have asked about Chris’ care and how he is settling into his new home, so I’m happy to share a positive update having spoken to the Gaffer over the weekend.

I was a pleasure speaking to Chris and he was in good spirits, saying he was getting used to his new surroundings but (like everyone else) was looking forward to restrictions being lifted so he could receive visitors. There is more positive news, as Chris is having his Covid injection this week.

We chatted about the football and Chris was disappointed to hear that Walsall had only managed a draw, but he did say to keep the faith. Chris is aware that when life returns to normal a fun day and football game is being held in his honour down at the Railway Club. Chris fully intends to travel up with family members to attend on the day.

However, he has said I will have to point out to him all those who used to boo him (he still retains his dry sense of humour!) so he can have words with them on the day. When restrictions are lifted a few of us plan on travelling down to see Chris and Sir Ray, but in the meantime we will continue to give him a call a few times each week to keep him up to date on the Walsall scores!

Chris seems well and is clearly adjusting to his new surroundings. He is aware that many people ask about him and he asked that I send his best regards to everyone and is looking forward to visiting as soon as possible so he can say hello to everyone (even those who booed him – so watch out!).

Further updates to come.

Olly, ISSA Chairman