Canvassing Opinion To Help WFC Financially

Given the uncertain times the club faces just canvassing opinion on who would be prepared to help club financially.

How about we set up a direct debit scheme where fans who wished could commit to perhaps £10 per month, with all monies going direct to club? The Independent Saddlers Supporters Association (ISSA) could quickly put the mechanics of this together, but as said, all cash would go direct to club.

If we could attract say 2000 season ticket holders to the scheme that would generate serious monthly revenue the club so badly needs, ISSA have spoken with the club on previous occasions about implementing the scheme but this was prior to Covid and we aimed to use any said funds towards a freehold fund being set up.

The freehold at present is least of the problems club could face and I for one am more than willing to donate via this idea. What are the opinions of others? As said ISSA would not handle said cash we would just implement alongside the club the mechanics of the scheme and money would go straight to club, via the direct debit scheme.